Heritage Game Poem – By Ron Steiner (MUBC)

First things first, our thanks to Kingy, the club and to Sid

For making another great day for us to declare and to bid

For our places in UMBC immortality, as legends of the game

To be playing once more for the chance to tackle Westgarth, to undo years of shame.


Its always so wonderful to struggle into the shrinking uniform and then around the ground

Our once strong arms now so weak, our hamstrings tight and our tummies so round

But nothing shines prouder or broader than the smiles that we bring

Still beaming despite that ungainly third strike swing.


The odd error we make, the odd fly ball we miss

More than compensated by catching up with dear mates … it’s the essence of our heritage, it is sheer bliss.

So thanks Kingy, thanks Sid and thanks to all concerned

It is such a joy and such a pleasure to see everyone notwithstanding another year turned.


A further year that has seen wider girths, more grey and arms needing ice and dencorub

And the joy of seeing Kingy’s welcoming smile and the godfather – our great Garry Bitmead, Vibeke and bub

Witnessing Kirby’s casual innings commencement and his stylishly stumbling muffed outfield fly

Or Dave Graham’s big throws, sailing apologetically passed Doc Umansky’s outstretched glove – too wide, too high.


Doc’s smile, agility and strong hitting belying his years – beyond 68,

Lurch’s unique uniform and his signature pitch that drops and swings so late

Rocket Rod still smiling and Robbie Chanter chasing that hit

Ever reliable Graham E and the cheeky Simmo working well behind mask and with mit.


What about our nimble Noosa pitcher Dougie, so slick on the mound

As opposed to his infield support with infield balls regularly fumbled to ground.

We relive our past deeds and make reputations anew and false images we try to fix

Though some legacies are beyond repair …  just ask E6


And let’s not forget the Westgarth boys our traditional rivals and friends

As we relive past battles and salute those, like Goughy, whose journey now ends.

The indestructible Eddie, and all the names and blasts from our matches of decades past

Deeble, Legge, Barty, Pawley, Troy, Weiry, and plenty more, still formidable men, if now not quite so fast.


Yes the weather was lousy but thanks for making sure we were well watered and fed

Highlighted by access to this year’s harvest of our Bitmead Brew and the award winning Ross Straw Red.

So cheers to all; long may our tradition continue, may we persevere through bodily and technique frustration

To hand on a legacy of connectedness, of friendship and a commitment to return to renew our ongoing university baseball celebration.

By Ron Steiner (Melbourne University Baseball Club)