Brownley Medal

This Perpetual Award was struck to recognize the club member or supporter making the most significant & substantial contribution to WBC’s junior program during the year.

Diane, Aaron, Luke & Doug Brownley have collectively had the most significant impact on the club’s Junior program in Westgarth’s history.  Their contribution to both the WBC and the Association Juniors has played out now over 20 seasons. Doug has been WBC’s Junior delegate to the Association, a Junior Association President and the Junior co-ordinator at WBC including; the co-ordination of; recruitment, practice, coaching, diamond marking, umpiring and parents liaison. Diane has been a long term junior & more recently senior scorer and following Doug & Dianne’s footsteps, both Aaron and have Luke managed WBC Junior teams over multiple seasons. The substantial and sustained contribution of the Brownley family to the continuation and development of Junior baseball at WBC, the Diamond Valley Baseball Association, the Melbourne Winter Baseball League, and the Victorian Baseball League is recognised via Westgarth Baseball Club’s Brownley Medal.