Graeme Bartlett Trophy

This Perpetual Trophy was struck to recognize the Most Valuable Player in the 2nds.

A former W.B.C. Junior and Junior Coach, “Barty’s” first Victorian Baseball Association Representative Selection honors go way back to 1982 and he has won numerous Association MVP awards across five decades playing for Westgarth. (‘70’s- ‘14’s).

Graeme was the first Westgarth Player of the modern era to win the Association MVP in the “ones” and fittingly he did it in the 1985 Premiership year. Graeme has won Premierships as a player in every senior W.B.C. team he has represented (including 5 in the 1sts !). Graeme holds the Club Record (10) for the most premierships played and holds the club pitching record for striking out 21 hitters in a 2nds game against Northcote in the ‘70’s. This included the 1st 10 batters in the game!