Heritage game 2011

Westgarth’s All Stars & Legends v Melbourne University

Merri Park hosted a great Heritage Day on Sunday May 29, 2011 with a large Melbourne Uni & WBC playing contingent and supporters turning out on a cold overcast Melbourne afternoon. However, once the overnight dew dried on Merri Park it was fine dry conditions all afternoon and Westgarth retained the Illingworth Bitmead Trophy once again. Congratulations to Graeme Bartlett (WBC) and Richard King (Melb Uni) for pulling together possibly the most successful Heritage game yet. This annual baseball event celebrates one of the oldest , continuous rivalries in Victorian Baseball. The “varsity” educated blue bloods from Uni versus the “Hillbillies”

The Westgarth lineup was littered with former state, national & Australian national league players who have played for WBC over the years. After last seasons damning average age calculation from the Heritage Game we will leave others to speculate on the oldest and youngest amongst our “All Star roster”.  Our WBC All Stars included; Geoff Hill , David Bann, Grant Weir, Michael Deeble, Eddy, Graeme Bartlett, Martin Legge, Ron Bunker, Gary Pawley, Jack Dalziel, Dave Medlin , Ben Ryan & Gary McKeown. This 2011 roster included an unbroken run of WBC players from across 6 decades (1950’s – 2000’s) and our players looked great all suited up in WBC “original navy”.  Our “All Stars” hooped blue and white “stockings” took many memories back to the uniforms of yesteryear. Our 2011 Heritage game was a game played in great spirit with each team taking the park with 4 outfielders – a Heritage Day innovation trialed for the 1st time in 2011 ! WBC pitching duties were shared by Martin Legge, Grant Weir and David Bann supported behind the dish by Gary Pawley & Dave Medlin . On a marginally shortened Merri Park outfield,  3 home runs were hit (Deeble, McKeown & one to Uni), the WBC infield executed a double play and we think the score was “about” 6-4 giving WBC the W…….(alternatively it might have been 8-6 if this correspondent missed a dig or two !!!)


Our WBC “Allstars and Legends” enjoyed lots of support from many WBC families who came out to watch their husbands, dads, uncles and other WBC superstars of yesteryear. Our large support contingent included the Catt, Hill, Bann, Kelly, Legge, Whinnen, Brownley , Bartlett , Gough and Brown families, club Patron Don Gough, former president Doug Brownley, Life Members ; Roy Bartlett, Joyce Gough, Dick Legge & Geoff Grant, former players from the “70’s and ‘80’s  including Marcus Nankervis & Gared Griffiths. Amongst the many long time club supporters in attendance were; Ruby Grant, Anne Bunker, Lorna Bartlett , Leanne Gough, Richelle Pawley & Ken Fisher just to name a few.


WBC HERITAGE game “Allstars and Legends” Lineup 2011

Catching Gary Pawley & Dave Medlin
1st Eddie Illingworth
2nd Dave Medlin & Gary Pawley
3rd Ben Ryan & Grant Weir
SS Geoff Hill
Left Field David Bann
Centre Field 1 Gary McKeown & Ron Bunker
Centre Field 2 Grant Weir & Martin Legge
Right Field Mike Deeble & Jack Dalziel


Designated Hitters Bull Pen
Ron Bunker Martin Legge
Jack Dalziel Grant Weir
David Bann


Base Coach Plate Umpire Scorer
Graeme Bartlett Barry Exton Dick Legge

Inning by Inning

1st Grant Weir started on the mound for WBC and shut down Uni in the top of the 1st inning Dave Medlin singled and scored on a Grant Weir RBI   

WBC 1  – Uni Nil

2nd A single, a walk and Pass Ball saw Melb Uni with 2nd and 3rd occupied 6 – 3 Geoff Hill to Eddie Illingworth shut the inning down with no score. WBC up and down without addition.

1  – Nil

3rd Martin Legge relieved Grant Weir and created a deflection to initiate the inning ending double play 1 – 4 – 6 – 3. Still no Uni score. Bottom of the 3rd brought up Bunker, McKeown & Dalziel and “Snoop McKeowns” solo shot over center .

2  – Nil

4th Richard King lead off for Uni with a hit to right from the 1st pitch but was stranded on base and “Lurch” from the “students” took a turn the Hill and his looping off speed pitching slowed the WBC offense.

2  –  Nil

5th Grant Weir’s ”corner to corner” 5 – 3 play ended the innings with Uni still to get on the board. Eddie’s single to Right field was bought home with Mike Deebles 2 RBI home run extending the WBC lead.

4  – Nil

6th A 2 run shot out of Merri Park put Uni back onto the scoreboard but WBC would react immediately, Jack Dalziel walked , Geoff Hill singled to Left and Dave Medlin’s walk loaded the bases Grant Weir drew a walk and David Bann’s RBI reset the Westgarth lead.

6  –  2

7th Richard King from Uni scored on a wild pitch and a HPB with loaded bases bought the “students” closer. Time and game saw WBC hold on for a tight win and retained the Illingworth Bitmead Trophy for 2011

6  –  4








Official photographers Ground Crew
Mitch Legge and Cameron Deeble Gary Pawley, Mike Deeble, Graeme Bartlett, Ben Ryan, Gary McKeown
Bar & BBQ & Catering Sponsors
Ann & Ian Brown, Richelle Pawley, Rosa Whinnen, Anne Brown, Doug Brownley , Diane Brownley & Greg Fisher The Big Butcher (Lipton Drive Thomastown) & Bakers Delight Northcote

Several highlights were noted

Club President Mike Deeble “donning” the gumboots for the pre and post game diamond maintenance. Of course “Gumboots” were made famous at Merri Park by former WBC President Don J Gough during his decades of ground preparation at Merri Park

Banny had trouble finding the strike zone and was heard muttering the BBQ smoke was effecting him sighting the plate. We understand he “fessed- up” Post Game that he did not want to go too well on the hill for fear of being asked to start in the next heritage day outing.

An Eddie Illingworth single…………. to Right Field of course

A Grant Weir 5- 3 play …. Literally “corner to corner”

WBC executing a 1-4-6-3 double play but it would take too long to explain here !!

Geoff Grant brought along WBC’s 1951 Premiership pennant that was found at home recently. More moth holes than pennant but an important piece of WBC club history that will be added to the memorabilia in the club rooms.