Major Award Winners 2012

Association MVP ‘s

Dick Legge Rising Star Award
Staci Rogers
Gough Family Best Clubman Award Peter Kelly & Jamie Catt
Brownley Medal   Cameron Deeble

4ths Award winners

Most improved Award 
Aaron Gallagher & Yeo Choong
Best 1st year Player
Andrew Cherry
Batting Average Leader 
Ian Brown

3rds Award winners

3rds Batting Average     
1st – Troy Hellingman               .606
3rds MVP Gary Pawley Trophy
1st – Ryan Bartlett

2nds Award winners

2nds Batting Average
1st – Stacey Rogers                  .484

2ndAdam Marshall                    .418

3rdAaron brownley                   .307

2nds MVP  Graeme Bartlett Trophy
1st – Steve Hunter                 (26 votes)

2ndStaci Rogers                    (14 votes)

3rdLuke Brownley                 (10 votes)

1sts Award winners

1sts Roy Bartlett Batting Trophy
1st – Mitch Legge                  .457

2nd Brock Pawley                   .432

3rd Mark Simpson                   .429

MVP  Eddie Illingworth Trophy
 1st – Brock Pawley tied with Andrew Reeves       (16 votes)

2nd Cam Deeble                                                     (15 votes)

3rd Mitch Legge                                                      (14 votes)


Championship Series MVP
1st           Andrew Reeves                         18 votes

2nd          Ross Drinkwater                           16 votes

3rd           Brock Pawley                               10 votes}Tied

3rd           Steve Hunter                                10 votes}Tied

5th           Cam Deeble                                 7 Votes

Others who polled MVP votes during WBC’s 2012 Championship Series:

Aaron Brownley, Carey Rogers, James Doolan, Staci Rogers, Luke Brownley, Ryan Bartlett, Luke Williams, Rob MacLeod, Mark Simpson, Dave Medlin, Gary Pawley, Matt Fordham, Marcus Garrafilis

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