Trivia Night 2011

Westgarth Baseball Club Trivia Night 2011


Westgarth would like to thank everyone who attended the Westgarth Baseball Club Trivia Night in July. A special thanks goes out to all those who helped make it such a success including Richelle for all her hard work and effort, Marshy for running the night and keeping everyone under control, Carey and Trevor (marmalade) behind the bar and the rest of the committee who were involved.

I think most would agree Marshy’s selection of topics were satisfactory with the inclusion of enough Star Wars questions to make George Lucas proud. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves with enough variety to ensure all were able to get involved and only ONE baseball question, unless you count the tricky picture of Billy Crystal in a Yankees uniform.

There were certainly some difficult questions in the bunch like who wouldn’t have thought Gary Pawley was the largest primate on earth. The fast pace made it difficult for teams to look up answers on their phones or over the shoulder of their competitors but this didn’t prevent Browny who seemed to change teams each round.

The coin toss for a bottle of booze was a huge hit but we should seriously think about banning Warren Williams from future games of rolling coins to win a bottle of Booze. My view is that Willy as a Former Ones player, Former VP and Life Member should be allowed to enjoy all the clubs hospitality BUT as a FULL TIME LAWN BOWLER he just has too much of an unfair advantage.

The general knowledge questions seemed to favour the oldies whilst the movies and music categories where for the younger tables.

It was a close competition all night, but in the end it was the “Left of Centre” table with its combination of young and old who worked their magic to claim victory.


Congratulations to all the winners on the night and hopefully we will see you all back next year for what will definitely be a fierce night of trivia.